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Bussiness Accounting Software Complete GST Solution

When speaking to new and potential customers at Text Republic we are often asked what are the benefits of using a bulk SMS service as opposed to the many other forms of marketing that exist. Until now we always stated the benefits as we perceived them and they were generally along the lines of cost effectiveness and speed. However we recently decided to perform a poll, on a sample of our existing customers, to get it straight from them what they felt were the main benefits. Here are the results in no particular order.

In Accounting Software there is 1000's of sales, purchase & MIS reports, after huge report collection we can't commit you that all your report requirements will fulfill through these readymade reports. In Marg, we had developed a report designer by which you can design your own reports as easy as you are typing in Ms-word. By this option 3rd party can also develop reports programmatically and can also run directly from Marg software.

Accounting Software have a unique feature to convert the Tally software data in Marg Software. Marg software data will also be converted into the Tally. The main objective of this option is that if your CA is using the Tally Software and he wants the data of your firm in Tally software but you are using the Accounting Software to maintain your Accounts & Inventory. So through this option you can generate the XML files and by using this XML files CA/ End user can easily import the Marg Software data in Tally Software.

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Multi User Erp

A multi-user system allows multiple users to access the data and processes of a single machine from different computers or terminals. These were previously often connected to the larger system through a wired network, though now wireless networking for this type of system is more common.

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Robust means that something is sturdy or able to hold up. This is an important quality to have when it comes to products, because customers want a product they can trust and depend on. They want to purchase products that meet their standards.


All WEBBEANS products are movealbe able to be easily carried or moved form one system to another, the especially because being of a lighter and smaller version than usual.

Add Ons

An add-on is either a Software unit that can be added to a Software to increase its capabilities to enhances usage.

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planing created during this phase will help you to manage time, cost, quality, change, risk and issues.


Gather, analyze, and validate the information. Define the requirements and prototypes for new system.


Combine all the modules together into training environment that detects errors and defects

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