Hotel Management ERP


About Hotel Management The Complete ERP Software

The Complete Hotel Management ERP Software for Hotels and Restaurants with K.O.T. Management, Table Booking, Room Rent Service, Billing, Stock Management, Production. Very Easy to operate. In every hotel, Room reservation is the primary step for visitor entry. Hotel invites Reservations by phone, through agent, By Email, Website or direct customer reservation. At the time of booking, manually checking which room is vacant or which rooms are occupied on a particular date is a very complicated and time consuming process. Using Hotel Management The Complete ERP Software there is no need to remember or maintain any diaries of room booking. Hotel Management The Complete ERP Software shows only vacant rooms list very intelligently at the time of reservation. In this Software we can completely digitalize customer data with the help of its fully integrated Document Management System. In case any type of verification, there is no need to manually search for documents of visitors. In this Software many features are available like- Direct Check-In or Pick from Reservation,Capture Visitor Snaps using your webcam, Complete Inventory Automation,Easy, Clear & Professional Invoicing, Customizable Bill Formats, Advance Receipts, Advance Dashboard, Informative and Intuitive Stayview, Maintain your Bill Book, Generate Police Station Report, Informative Home Screen, KOT (Kitchen Order Token) Management made easy, Print KOT, Track Running KOT's, Generate Food Bill, Attractive Bill Formats, Maintain List of Cleared and uncleared KOT's, Frequent Visitors are Top customers, Magical Stock Management, Bird's eyeview on all your purchase bills, Issue Stock to Kitchen or Staff, Informative Stock Summary, See Item Wise Sales of whole day, Bill Sundry, QUICK PAYMENT, QUICK RECEIPT.

Salient Features